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Hello KttiPay

Fed up with “pay-me-back” hassles? KttiPay ends financial headaches and awkward chats. No more calculator chaos or “who owes what” messages.

KttiPay effortlessly splits expenses based on group involvement, keeping things hassle-free and fair. 🤟

BILL BLISS: Collect funds upfront, spend only what you have, and bid adieu to bill shocks 🤯

TIME FREEDOM: No more bank statement boredom; easily spend and track payments 🥳

ORGANISING MADE EASY: Keep it simple with transactions and messages in one place 💁

Say goodbye to financial fussing! Prepay all your shared expenses and skip the “IOU” drama.

How it works

We don't just track expenses; we let you pre-load money into virtual Kttis (pooled funds), see who's chipped in, spend effortlessly, and split costs.

Our Cash Crusade

“More money, more problems?” Flip the script with KttiPay. We’re about splitting expenses, not headaches, so that you can enjoy memorable moments without the financial fuss!



Feast with friends

Please don't kill my vibe

We're turning money moves into dance moves.
Take it from our fans.

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Ditch bill battles. Life is a series of moments, big and small, and KttiPay is here to make sure you $PEND them well (and without drama).